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Minimum Loan amount: $1000
Maximum Loan amount: $100000
Variable Rate APR Range: 4.99%-35.99%
Loan Period: 24-84 months
Minimum Credit Score: 580
Minimum Loan amount: $1000
Maximum Loan amount: $35000
Loan Period: 3-64 months
APR Range 5.99%-35.99%
Minimum Loan amount: $1000
Maximum Loan amount: $35000
Loan Period: 90 days-72 months
APR Range: 5.99%-35.99%
Minimum Credit Score: 660
Minimum Loan amount: $1000
Maximum Loan amount: $35000
Loan Period: 24-60 months
APR Range: 9.95%-35.99%
Minimum Credit Score: 580
Personal Loans are generally known as unsecured loans because they are issued and supported by person's  credit history and ability to pay it back rather than by collateral. Thus, loans that are not secured by a property collateral are called unsecured or personal loans. These type of loans are obtained for various purposes. Among the most common ones are debt consolidations, vehicle purchases, vacation trips, home or medical bills. Usually, Borrowers with good credit history and debt to income ratio may qualify for personal loans. However, there are lenders which offer financing options to those who have lower credit scores due to a new credit history or certain outstanding balances.

Annual Percentage Rate and Terms

The annual percentage rate or the interest rate for a whole year varies. The APR range for personal loans may be from 4.99% to 35.99% depending on lenders as well as personal financial standings. Some lenders consider borrowers with solid financial standings and good credit history as their primary target market, offering personal loans with lower interest rates. Others provide higher risk financing with higher annual percentage rate. Regardless of any financial risks, lenders offer personal loans with fixed APR and terms.The loan terms are usually 2-5 years. The amount may also vary from $5000 to $100000. Personal loans as a financing type provide more predictability and stability to borrowers as they are initially aware of total payback amount, including monthly payments. Overall, the ability to obtain funding without any collateral and fixed terms make unsecured loans a good option for people who are seeking funds for personal needs. Another important factor is that personal loans are much less expensive than short-term or payday loans.


All consumer loans and loan providers are regulated by state and federal agencies. The lenders must be certified (licensed) and follow all laws and regulations. All certified lending institutions must provide their license information. Therefore, it is very important to check whether a lender is eligible to operate in your state.

Financial Responsibility

It is important to remember that borrowers are responsible for paying back loans through consistent monthly payments. Late payments may result in additional charges and late fees, non-payment fees, etc.
Failure to pay back borrowed amount will negatively impact credit history and make loans hard or even impossible to obtain in the future.

FAQ About Loans
There are many loan offers across the United States. Often, people choose personal financing solutions having insufficient knowledge of loan details. We believe that it leads to undesired financial consequences. Our mission is to help people avoid making wrong decisions by presenting carefully gathered and analyzed information about top loan options.
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A Coupple With Money
Our Financial Expert's Opinion

Making the right financing decision is one of the most troubling dilemmas in modern time. In this article, I will ask you to use rationality and knowledge when choosing financing options.

The tradition of borrowing money and other material values started in 5th century BC with the first recorded loan agreement in Rome. Many centuries have passed since then.Today,  the loan offers are appearing from every corner. We receive them by mail, hear about them on the radio, and get them through emails from various lenders and marketers. So, what information do we need to know to be able to choose the right option among the variety of financing proposals?
First of all, I would recommend that people understand the definition of a personal loan. Open a business dictionary and read, to begin with. You will be surprised how many people have absolutely no clue about the difference between a personal loan and other types of credit. Please be aware that personal loans are unsecured consumer loans given for a specific period of time with a certain interest rate.
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The personal loans are called unsecured because no property collateral is required.
Now, since you already know what you are dealing with, ask yourself a few questions.
The first question should be whether you need a personal loan and not any other type of consumer financing. Next, you need to analyze the funding purpose rationally. There are many reasons why people borrow money. Here are the most common ones.
• Education
• Household
• Family
• Medical
• Vacation
The list can be continued as you have probably guessed by now. Finally, please and again please know exactly the loan amount you are going to request. In other words, do not take more than you need. There are a lot of cases where people end up obtaining more than they need, simply because they qualify for a larger amount. Don't listen to lenders and brokers who may try to sell you a larger amount. Keep in mind that the bigger your financial responsibility is, the harder it gets to take care of it.

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Minimum Loan amount: $1000
Maximum Loan amount: $35000
Loan Period: 90 days-72 months
APR Range: 5.99%-35.99%
Minimum Credit Score: 660
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